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Who is Black Rabbit Mead Company?


Black Rabbit Mead Company makes cider-style meads with honey sourced from the Sierra Nevadas. We are excited to be Nevada’s first meadery and to celebrate the Sierra mountain life we love.

What is Mead?


Mead is an alcohol made from honey. It’s the world’s oldest alcohol and is often seen as the drink of Vikings. Yet, it was celebrated by many cultures around the world and is growing with tremendous popularity once again. Mead can be made like wine, beer, or cider. Though it’s alcohol primarily comes from honey, it can also include fruits, grains, herbs, or spices in its recipe.

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What is Black Rabbit Mead Company’s mead like?


Black Rabbit Mead Co. makes cider-style meads. Our meads are 6.9% ABV, carbonated, semi-dry, gluten-free, made with local honey, and are often infused with fruits, herbs, or spices. Our style of mead is often described as tasting like of cross between beer and cider, along with uniquely delicious and refreshing.

What is the history of mead in Reno, Nevada?


Mead has been made by many hobbyists in Reno for decades. In fact, Reno is home to a handful of nationally award-winning mead makers and judges in national competitions. Over the last few years, Nevada law began to allow for mead to be made and sold throughout the state. This has been wonderful for local mead, but also for the nation, given that NV was the last state to not have a meadery.


What makes Black Rabbit Mead Company unique?

Black Rabbit Mead Company is proud to be Nevada’s first meadery. Our style of mead is only being made by a handful of company’s in the world. Mead traditionally is served like a sweet wine, but this newer and drier cider-style mead is quickly growing in popularity. Black Rabbit Mead Co. also prides itself on being a celebration of the mountain life that is unique to the Sierra Nevadas. We source all of our honey from the mountains and foothills that surround us, along with show our love for the outdoor activities that allow us to explore and protect this special place in the world.

What is the history of Black Rabbit Mead Company?


Black Rabbit Mead Company was founded by two local high school teachers, Jake and Will. They discovered a love for mead when they met another teacher, Al from Al's Bees. He offered to give them some honey and a mead making kit, if they’d split the bottles. After years of tinkering and 'perfecting' their meads, they decided to go pro and to build Nevada's first meadery!

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Where can you buy Black Rabbit Mead Company’s mead?


You can buy Black Rabbit Mead Company’s mead at their taproom, which is located in Reno’s burgeoning Brewery District (see below). Currently the mead is only being poured on tap by the glass. This Fall, they’ll begin bottle and keg sales out of the taproom, along with limited distribution throughout the Reno-Tahoe area.

Where is Black Rabbit Mead Company located?


Our taproom and production facility is located in the flourishing Brewery District of East Downtown Reno.  This area was once a vital part of Reno’s economy and industry, along with one of the main corridors that connected America from East to the West.  It It's on the rise again! Aside from several craft alcohol makers, this area is home to many other creative, heartfelt, and industrious businesses and organizations. Like a brewery, we see our part of town as a place where our diverse community can come together and a raise a glass to creativity, industry, and the timelessness of Reno.

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