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Making Beer

The Details

There are so many incredible things brewing up in Reno's Brewery District from delicious breweries, coffee shops, & restaurants to music, art, and compassionate organizations.


Come take part in the Jingle Brews edition of Tour de Brews where ticket holders get exclusive deals on handcrafted drinks from 17+ businesses that call the Brewery District home, along with help support the Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation!

This year's Jingle Brews is sponsored by About Town Deb and many of the hardworking businesses in the Brewery District. 

Saturday, December 17 (2022)

$12 Passport


Making Coffee

Particpating Businesses

There's 17+ diverse, locally-owned businesses in the Brewery District taking part in this tour! We've got breweries, distilleries, wineries, coffee shops, cocktail bars, classic bars, and restaurants! Here's some of the tasty things they serve!

The Jesse
the depot
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forged coffee