Our Meads

We specialize in semi-dry, cider-style meads. They're 6.9% abv, carbonated, and have just hint of sweetness. We use honey sourced from the Sierra Nevadas to make all the alcohol. We then infuse 'em with a variety of fruits, herbs, and spices. 

Currently on Tap

1. Church of Roger

(CDR; GF) Mead in it's purest form: just honey, water, and yeast. 

2. Rosemary Black 

(CDR; GF) Subtle rosemary deepens the light of blackberry.

3. 35 to 1

(CDR; GF) A ridiculously infusion of cucumbers and mint. 

6. Branch of the McBrooms

(CDR; GF) A history of strawberry & oak brightened by rhubarb.

7. Seven Headed Devil

Record St. Collab. A Bock Beer-ish style mead. 

8. Winter of 1864

1864 Tavern Collab. A dry-hopped Moscow Mule-ish mead.

5. 3-Headed Rabbit

(CDR; GF) A smooth infusion of 3-styles of hops. 

10. Warhorse

1864 Tavern Collab. Cucumber mint mead fortified w/ tequila and lime. 


4. B.L. Bliss

(CDR; GF) Bright lemon subtly swirls with earthy blueberry. 

9. Storm Prayer

1864 Tavern Collab. Pineapple Jalapeno mead fortified w/ dark run, ginger, & cinnamon.

CDR = Cider-Style 

BR = Beer-Style 

BCH = 'Booch-Style 

GF = Gluten-Free