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Rabbit Horn Club Details

Each member of the Rabbit Horn Club receives the following:

  • Customized Drinking Horn​​ ($42 value; see example below)

    • ​A 16 oz (at minimum) horn made from genuine bovine horns  with wooden bottoms. The horn mug is sealed with a food-safe sealant.

    • The horn's wood bottom will be customized for each member (see below).

    • The horn will be stored and displayed in the taproom

    • Horn mugs will be similar to what is shown below, but will not be exactly the same. They can vary in size, shape, weight, and color and are unique to the cow it came off of. Each horn is partially buffed to bring out any colors in the horns, yet, they maintain the natural rough rustic feel.

  • Discounted tall pours 

    • members get a 16 oz pour for the price of a 13 oz pour at the taproom

    • pours must be made in the club member's horn mug​​

  • Deals on bottles & merchandise

    • members get 20% off all bottles of mead and merchandise​ (excluding honey, lamps, and food).

Customizing Your Horn

  • Each member gets to choose the name engraved into the bottom of their horn mug. 

  • The name cannot be more than 20 characters long. 

  • The speared rabbit emblem will also be engraved into the bottom of each mug (see above). 

Membership Length

  • Beginning​​

    • Once payment for the membership is received the member is able to get 20% off all bottles of mead and merchandise when purchased in the taproom (excludes online orders).

    • The 1 year duration of the membership doesn't officially begin until the custom horn mugs are made and arrive at the meadery. An email will be sent to new members announcing the arrival of their horns.

    • Custom horn mugs are ordered on March 30, June 30, September 30, and December 31. Members should expect another 10-14 business days until they receive their mugs. 

  • End

    • Club membership ends one year after the day a member receives his/her horn mug. ​

    • If the annual membership is not renewed, the horn will be given to the former member that it belonged to. We will store the horn for 30 days once membership ends and, if it's not picked up, it will no longer be accessible to the former member. If this person would like to continue being part of the club, s/he must purchase a new annual membership and will receive a new custom horn mug. ​​

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